Senate Democrats

Office Of Senator Reid Announces Staff Changes

Washington, D.C.— The office of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced two staff changes today. Cathy Koch joined the senator’s staff as Chief Advisor to the Majority Leader, Tax and Economic Policy, and Alex McDonough became Senior Policy Advisor to the Majority Leader for Energy and Environment.

Prior to joining Senator Reid’s office, Koch served as Tax Chief at the Senate Finance Committee, where she led the tax staff developing the tax components of bills such as the 2008 and 2009 stimulus bills and health care reform. She was also Staff Director of the Finance Subcommittee on Energy and Natural Resources, and previously served as a staff economist at the Joint Committee on Taxation. Koch also has extensive experience in the private sector and academia on tax and economic policy issues, and possesses a doctorate in economics. In addition to economic policy, Koch will be covering the role of Bob Greenawalt, who left recently after eight years with Senator Reid and more than 25 years in the Senate.

McDonough has worked for Senator Reid for seven years, serving as legislative assistant and policy advisor on environment, energy, and natural resource issues. During this time, McDonough has helped Senator Reid end the failed Yucca Mountain project, pass legislation to better maintain and finance improvements for aging water infrastructure, among other accomplishments. Prior to joining Senator Reid’s office, McDonough, who holds a law degree, worked for a USAID-funded project in Central Asia managed by the University of Maryland’s IRIS Center. McDonough replaces Chris Miller, who also left recently after more than 25 years of public service.

“These changes will help our office continue our mission of effectively serving the interests of middle-class Americans in Nevada and across the nation,” Senator Reid said. “Based on her extensive experience in tax and policy, Cathy will be my go-to person for all issues related to tax and economic policy and tax reform, and I will rely even more on Alex’s counsel on issues related to energy and the environment.”