Senate Democrats

Durbin asks consent to consider 3 amendments to Marketplace Fairness Act

Senator Durbin asked unanimous consent the pending Enzi amendment be set aside and it be in order for the following amendments to be called up:


–       Collins-King #771 (provides a limitation on when States may first exercise the authority under this Act)

–       Pryor-Blunt #740 (extends for 10 years the moratorium on taxes on internet access and multiple and discriminatory taxes on electronic commerce imposed by the Internet Freedom Act)

–       Hatch #754 (strikes the preemption provision, to sunset the authority under the Act, to require a 3-year statute of limitations)


That no second degree amendments be in order to any of these amendments prior to a vote in relation to the amendments. That there be 20 minutes for debate equally divided.


Senator Wyden objected.