Senate Democrats

Cloture filed on committee-substitute and underlying Immigration bill–5:30pm cloture vote on Leahy, as modified, today

As a reminder, last week Senator Reid filed cloture on the Leahy amendment #1183, as modified. That cloture vote will occur at 5:30pm today. If cloture is invoked there would be up to 30 hours for debate prior to a vote on adoption of the Leahy amendment, as modified (late Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning if all time is sued).


The filing deadline for second degree amendments to Leahy amendment #1183, as modified, is 4:00pm today. If your senator has a germane second degree amendment, please send a signed copy of the amendment to the cloakroom prior to the deadline so that we may file it at the desk for you.


Today Senator Reid filed cloture on the committee-reported substitute amendment to S.744, the Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill, and the underlying bill. Under the rule, the filing deadline for 1st degree amendments to the committee reported substitute, as amended, is 1:00pm tomorrow, Tuesday, June 25. Barring any further agreement, the cloture vote on the committee reported substitute amendment, as amended, would occur 1 hour after the Senate convenes Wednesday. If cloture is invoked on the substitute, there would be an additional 30 hours for debate prior to a vote on adoption of the substitute. Upon disposition of the substitute, the Senate would then proceed to vote on the motion to invoke cloture on the underlying bill, as amended. There would then be another 30 hours of post-cloture debate.


Senator Reid also filed cloture on the underlying bill.