Senate Democrats

Grassley objects to consideration of managers package and votes on series of bipartisan list of amendments to Immigration bill

Senator Reid asked unanimous consent that a manager’s package of amendments, which is at the desk, be in order and considered, en bloc; that the Senate proceed to vote on adoption of the amendments in this package, en bloc; that upon disposition of the manager’s package, the following amendments be in order to be called up and the clerks be authorized to modify the instruction lines to fit the committee-reported amendment, as amended, where necessary:

–          Sessions #1334;

–          Hirono #1718;

–          Fischer #1594;

–          Blumenthal #1636;

–          Vitter #1445;

–          Brown #1311;

–          Toomey #1599;

–          Hagan #1386;

–          Coats #1563;

–          McCaskill #1457;

–          Johnson (WI) #1380;

–          Boxer #1260;

–          Cruz #1580;

–          Feinstein #1250;

–          Lee #1214;

–          Udall (NM) #1218;

–          Vitter #1577;

–          Tester #1459;

–          Vitter #1474;

–          Heitkamp #1593;

–          Lee #1207;

–          Whitehouse #1419;

–          Cruz #1579;

–          Udall (NM) #1691;

–          Cruz #1583;

–          Heinrich #1342;

–          Cruz #1585;

–          Reed (RI) #1608;

–          Cruz #1586;

–          Nelson-Wicker #1253;

–          McCain-Cardin #1469; and

–          Portman-Tester #1634.


That at 9am, Thursday, June 27th, the Senate proceed to votes in relation to the amendments in the order listed; that the amendments be subject to a 60 affirmative vote threshold; that there be two minutes equally divided prior to each vote; and all after the first vote be ten minute votes; that upon disposition of the Portman-Tester amendment #1634, the pending amendments to the underlying bill be withdrawn; the Majority Leader then be recognized for the purpose of raising points of order against the remaining pending amendments to the substitute amendment; that after the amendments fall, the substitute amendment, as amended, be agreed to; the cloture motion with respect to the S.744 be withdrawn; the bill, as amended, be read a third time, and the Senate proceed to vote on passage of the bill, as amended.


Senator Grassley objected.