Senate Democrats

Statement By Reid Spokesman On Speaker Boehner’s Credibility Problem

Washington, D.C.– Nevada Senator Harry Reid’s Spokesman, Adam Jentleson, released the following statement after Speaker John Boehner’s explanation for why he won’t let the House vote on a clean CR was immediately called into question:

“Speaker Boehner has a credibility problem. From refusing to let the House vote on a bill that was his idea in the first place, to decrying health-care subsidies for members of Congress and staff that he worked for months to preserve, to stating that the House doesn’t have the votes to pass a clean CR at current spending levels, there is now a consistent pattern of Speaker Boehner saying things that fly in the face of the facts or stand at odds with his past actions. Americans across the country are suffering because Speaker Boehner refuses to come to grips with reality. Today, Speaker Boehner should stop the games and let the House vote on the Senate’s clean CR so that the entire federal government can re-open within twenty-four hours.”