Senate Democrats

Sessions request to set aside pending motion and parliamentary inquiries

Senator Sessions asked unanimous consent to set aside the pending motion to concur with a amendment #2547 (date change) in order to make a motion to concur with Sessions amendment #2573 (the amendment would eliminate a wide variety of deficit-neutral reserve funds that could be used to facilitate future consideration of legislation that would address certain high priorities)


Senator Murray made a brief statement and objected.


Senator Sessions then made the following parliamentary inquiry: Is it correct that while the majority leader’s motion to concur in the house amendment with an amendment to which the majority leader has also offered a second degree amendment is pending, no senator is permitted to offer an amendment to the House-passed Budget bill?


Chair: the senator is correct.


Senator Sessions made a further parliamentary inquire: if a motion to table the majority leader’s motion to concur with an amendment is successful, would there be an opportunity for me to offer a motion to concur with my amendment #2573?


Chair: that is correct


Senator Sessions then moved to table the motion to concur with an amendment, offered by the majority leader.