Senate Democrats

Statement by Senator Harry Reid on Republicans Obstructing Unemployment Insurance Extension

Washington, D.C. –  Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement today:

“Republicans owe an apology to the more than one million Americans whose unemployment insurance will expire due to Republican gridlock and obstruction. In the past, Democrats and Republicans have worked together to extend unemployment insurance for those still looking for work. Sadly, Republicans have now decided that they would rather let this program expire than cooperate with Democrats.

“With just a little cooperation, we could complete all of the work before us and vote to extend unemployment benefits before Christmas Eve. Without Republican cooperation, we cannot. I hope my Republican colleagues will change course, and put the millions of Americans who are struggling this holiday season ahead of partisan gridlock. If Republicans choose to continue their obstruction, I will ensure that extending unemployment insurance is the first thing we vote on after the holiday.

“Congress is finishing this year less popular than a cockroach, and this kind of mindless, knee-jerk obstruction from Republicans is exactly why.”