Senate Democrats

No further roll call votes expected today; 2 roll call votes tomorrow morning

The Senate has reached an agreement that following Leader remarks on Wednesday, February 15th, there be 10 minutes of debate remaining on H.J.Res.40 followed by a vote on passage of the joint resolution.


Following disposition of H.J.Res.40, there will be 10 minutes of debate prior to a vote on the motion to invoke cloture on Executive Calendar #16, Mick Mulvaney to be Director of OMB, and if cloture is invoked, the time will be counted as if invoked at 1:00am that day.


Therefore, no roll call votes are expected this evening.


Wednesday, February 15th at approximately 10:30am

  1. Passage of H.J.Res.40 (NICS – CRA)

up to 10 minutes of debate, then

  1. Motion to invoke cloture on the nomination of Mick Mulvaney to be Director, OMB