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Give Everyone A Fair Shot To Afford College

Everyone in America who wants to strive for a college degree deserves a fair shot at affording college without being crushed by debt.

The idea that the next generation will be able to go further and do better than the last one is the heart of the American dream, and a college degree is a ticket to success. But as college has become more important, it has also become more costly. While college costs have been skyrocketing, middle-class incomes have been treading water.

More and more students and their families have borrowed money to bridge the gap. As a result, student loan debt has soared to over $1.2 trillion. Too many young Americans can’t get ahead today because they can’t get out from under the burden of college debt. Because that debt keeps young people from buying a home, saving for retirement, or even starting a family it hurts our entire economy.

To help give Americans a fair shot at getting out from under the burden of student loan debt, we should let those borrowers refinance at today’s lower rates. Our students should have the same opportunity to get a better deal that homeowners have by refinancing their mortgages.

Tell Congress it’s time to give working families a fair shot to afford college and get out from under the burden of student loan debt!

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